Crash and burn

Real Life

This blog is currently being quarantined, with a chronic ear infection for our poor girl and flu for Daddy and I this book seems appropriate:


If I am being honest we are not doing very well, being poorly at the same time is less than ideal and it feels like we are surviving each day rather than living, consequently I will be taking a few days off blogging but hope to be back before long. The time off work has given me some time to take stock, I think I’ve probably been overdoing it especially the last push to get my dissertation finished, so rest will probably recharge our batteries and do us all the world of good!

Blog life

Naturally a quiet week, although my washi tape post was popular, as was my post about our experience of visiting Paris two years ago



This post by Oliver Smile has kept me going, the description of surviving illness with a child is hilarious!

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3 thoughts on “Crash and burn

  1. We have all been ill this week too. D&V for Gwenn pretty much all week; me Monday/Tuesday; and last night Andrew was struck down! Conversely I’ve done more on the blog than usual because Gwenn has been having mega-naps!

    See you next week!


  2. Awwww love, i’m sorry to hear about the illnesses all round. I hope it gets easier soon but definitely look after yourself and don’t too much.

    Your Washi tape stuff looks insane, you’re so creative!! I love it :) xx

    I look forward to reading all your links xxx thanks for taking the time to link in with Mums’ List xx I really appreciate it xxx

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