Autumnal crochet

A shortie from me today, I’m working five days this week so a bit behind with my home life let alone blogging! I have been taking it easier at night now that my latest uni assignment has safely reached the hands of my tutor, so I started a quick little snood for Jossy, a really simple mix of double and treble crochet with a lovely chunky wool, I just loved the autumnal colours that it reflects, gold, purple and green, I started making it for me but just knew it was for her once I saw the colour blend coming out, perhaps I’ll make myself a hat with the scraps!


4 thoughts on “Autumnal crochet

  1. I am just learning to crochet too! I love to sew and embroider but cannot yet knit or crochet – but I am trying! Lovely idea – well done!

  2. Oh that’s so lovely. I sew and I’m trying to re-learn how to knit. I can’t wait until my daughter is able to help me with my sewing projects.

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