7/365 Batch cooking to get ahead

I’m picking up the pace on my uni work and most naptimes and sleeptimes are spent writing so I’ve tried to get ahead with some cooking to give myself a head start over the next few weeks. This recipe makes 10 bean burgers for the freezer.

Warm a 400g tin of kidney beans and a 400g tin of cannellini beans for 3-4 minutes and drain. Set aside and grate two large carrots and finely chop three spring onions. Cook the carrots and spring onions gently in some spray oil and a clove of garlic until softened. Mash your beans together with a potato masher or ricer leaving some beans whole but mostly mashed (I prefer not to blend as I like a chunkier texture). Mix together with the veggies and a teaspoon of paprika and season to taste.

Once cool add a tablespoon of flour to bind and scoop out ten portions of the mix, making into a ball with your hands and then flattening to a chunky burger shape onto clingfilm or foil. Parcel up the ten burgers and freeze to enjoy later.


What’s the story?


What’s going on here then? Well I think I’ll call this photo “Clonkers Bonkers” sadly for poor Jossy this week brought in both a new year and her first accident, a bang to the head following some crazy running around on a very wet and windy day. Stuck in the house she ran in circles shouting ‘spinny thing’ (just something we made up…) and slid headfirst into the kitchen step, up came a goose egg and a now yellowing bruise to follow.

Now I think we did pretty well to get to 20 months with a lot of “slow down, be carefuls!” and no accidents, but it was only a matter of time.

This photo shows a safer mode of play, literally well cushioned, sat on her upside down potty with all her toy people and animals piled in, now if only she’d stay still in there…


In a nutshell Project 365 is committing to taking a photo a day for a year. I have given this a lot of thought, as I think a year long project is something that could potentially allow me to focus in on something new in 2014, and a theme that came to mind is the idea of capturing joy in the mundane each day.

In 2013 I learned a lot about my mental health, I realised a way out of years of oppressive and obsessive anxiety and with the help of my family and friends, some counselling and a hugely supportive husband started so see that even on the rough days there were moments of joy starting with my daughters energy and passion for life and filtering into those every day moments where I’d previously fill my time with list making planning and worries, like doing the dishes, making a meal and tidying the toys.

So today, day one, starts with doing the dishes, a bright mobile above the sink and the radio playing in the background, mundane? Definitely, but a moment to enjoy free from anxiety.

So what of days when I don’t blog, don’t feel like doing much or struggle to see the light? Well I suppose those days I’ll work harder to find it, and it will be interesting to track the nature of the photograph over the year, through finishing my Masters, late nights, early mornings, some big important birthdays, special days and new opportunities. Day one…