Psychologies Magazine Review

I was delighted to have been sent a copy of Psychologies as a regular reader and blogger interested in the new design. I am a Sociology student with an interest in the psyche and this is a mag I’ve always liked to dip into, great ideas, brilliant interviews and they always have some good suggestions for reading appropriate to how we might be feeling at different times in our lives.

I settled down with a cuppa over a couple of evenings and still have plenty left to go back and mull over!


I really liked the new features; sometimes when a loved magazine has a refresh it loses focus but not so with Psychologies. The focus this month is on making small changes that stick, for a happier or more fulfilled life. When I was having a rough patch last year I took a course of CBT and learned two key things:

1) That in order to change something we sometimes have to expose ourselves to uncomfortable situations, even just in short bursts

2) It takes time for a change to become a new way of life.

The new mag recognises both of these things, there are some brilliant short experiments to try, which give the opportunity for such exposure, and my favourite piece from the December edition, on making a change for life was full of great advice, did you know it takes an average of 66 days to make a new habit a way of living? Of course this means there will be ups and downs on the way, days when we feel we’ve ‘failed’ at the change or it’s not happening quickly enough, this edition responded to these concerns thoroughly and with the supportive tone that I’ve come to expect from Psychologies.


There are still the old favourite features, for example I always like to see a spot of beauty, health and homemaking amongst the learning and development features, and some familiar faces, like Sally Brampton, who writes with wit and an eye for spotting gems in the everyday mundane.

I love the new look and I think a subscription is likely to appear on my list for Santa!

Psychologies are offering a trial ‘3 issues for £3’ of the magazine which is available until the end of December, you can find out more here


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the Magazine for review, all views are my own, the terms and conditions of the offer presented are available on the Psychologies web page and are not affiliated with

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