Now who does he really remind me of? Pt 1

Mr B and I are big on lookie-likies of the unconventional kind. I guess we see similarities where others might not, but in our recent children’s TV watching we realised that three of our favourite characters in particular we could agree on. I present for your viewing pleasure our top three, and I’m hoping my follow parent bloggers can come up with more, hence this is our part one:

First up, is it Mr Tumble, or Gale Boetticher of Breaking Bad fame?

Mr-Tumble-Something-Special-Cbeebies-580x385 gale

Next up, sinister fave and internet ledge Saladfingers aka Sarah and Duck (I know, now you’re like, how did I miss this)

Sarah and Duck 06 41803_salad_fingers

And finally, a genteel fave Paolo Nutini, or is it Mr Bloom? Never seen on screen together, both can sing, separated at birth?

mr-blooms-nursery-thumb paolo-nutini-sunny-side-up-1-300x300

Now I want to hear yours!

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