New years resolution

So they say it takes 30 days to form a new habit, I am an organised chaos sort of person, I don’t keep a diary, make lists and lose them and put things down and forget where they are, absent minded I think its called!

The system I use in my head works really well, but that falls down with lack of sleep and a toddler and the number one reason my system is starting to fail? When you work part time and spend part of your week with a child you remember Thursday and Friday are work days, Tuesday is swimming and Wednesday toddler group… then you hit Christmas and realise you have no idea how it got to December and you forgot to do x,y, and z…you make a Doctors appointment, yeah 23rd at 11 is fine, to find it clashes with swimming…

So this is the year of the Organised Mam, or Organised Mum, for that is the diary system I’ve bought myself! Having tried and failed to find an app to do this, I resolve to try to keep all my appointments, ideas and notes in one place! It’s a great design with weekly perforated shopping and to do lists and a smart divider system with pockets for my notes too!


Having had success in 2013 at Slimming World I know I do have some willpower lurking under the desire to eat biscuits and live a life of chaos, so here goes, I’ve written it now and have to try to stick to it!

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