John Lewis Father’s Day Competition

John Lewis Father's Day Competition

My name is Joss Daisy and I’m one year old. My Daddy is the best Daddy a little girl could hope for. He took me for my first trip to the beach last week and told he about when he took Mammy to the beach on one of their first dates, it was a lovely day and he bought me an icecream which made it an AMAZING day!

He’s always making up silly names for me, like salty otter and Josscat but I don’t mind because he’s also really good at making up funny songs for me to shout along too!

My Daddy always has a smile for me and I always have one for him, he’s good at cuddling, making me food I like and waking me up early from naps which makes Mammy mad but makes me happy because I’d rather play with him then sleep!

This is my entry for the John Lewis Father’s Day Competition!

Bye bye mei tai, hello toddler!


Eek, my little girl is growing up too fast, she’s just outgrown our baby mei tai at 13m, not in weight mind, just those lovely long legs were no longer knee to knee so time to move on. I’ve a beautiful new Manduca, photos to follow, and of course the lovely Ellaroo! I’ve just agreed to help publicise and support testing of a new woven with Joy and Joe thus continuing our babywearing journey into toddler hood! Pics and more to follow!

Munchkin Mummies Review…Caterpillar Spillers

Munchkin Mummies Review...Caterpillar Spillers

By far and away the most popular of all the Munchkin bath toys we received to review, the caterpillar spillers make every bathtime fun. Surely the mark of a good bath toy is that Mammy and Daddy enjoy emptying the water through the different spillers just as much as baby!

Great out of the bath as stacking cups, they also link together to make a wiggly caterpillar and all have different shaped holes to make pouring water great fun. I think they’ve improved Joss’ water confidence as she’s much better at getting her face wet when the spillers are held up to let the water run over her face, and she loves making the little waterwheel spin, as you can see from this pic she’s thoroughly enjoying these little critters!

vo5 great results

There’s definately something to be said for sticking to what you know, having been a lifelong lover of VO5 products I ventured out and tried something new, a new hair oil on the market, with the promise of glossy
locks I gave it a try, as I was showering I realised all was not well, my hair felt quite heavy, on drying it looked limp and lifeless, weighed down by the oil and I was really disappointed with the results, boo!I turned to Twitter, and tweeted VO5 and the #bblogger network to ask where I might get their Hot Oil to put my locks back on the right path. They replied that I should head to Superdrug, so I did, but VO5 also
kindly offered to send me their shampoo and conditioner to make sure my hair has it’s daily boost of clean and shine. One week on, the postman’s knock came, I headed back to the shower and the results are excellent. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The hot oil intensive treatment gently removed the heavy product and restored my gloss, the daily shampoo and conditioner regime has brought strength and shine back and makes for easy brushing and drying. My husband commented that he loves the smell of the products and my hair feels lighter and brighter for summer which is a lovely confidence boost for me!

I love the vibrant pink packaging and satisfyingly weighty 500ml bottles, the contents really pack a punch and I recommend starting your new haircare regime with a good dose of hot oil followed by regular use of VO5 shampoo and conditioner, the results are in and here is my smooth look in action at a family photoshoot earlier this week – how funny is Joss’ expression?! Thanks to VO5 for the products and for their ongoing advice on twitter, your team of haircare experts and stylists really know their stuff!


Plum Tots Little Foodies Review

I’ve blogged before about Joss being a very adventurous eater but having small portions which can be a worry when you’re concerned about making sure little one’s get balanced and nutritional meals. I’ve always gone by the rule of thumb that she is an active child, always on the go, and I try to make every morsel count, with a good balance of healthy fats, protein and vitamins and iron. On the whole I cook homemade meals daily, but now I’ve just returned to work I’ve been finding it difficult to get a meal ready for her in a hurry as we’re quite late back from her childcare. I was delighted to be offered the chance to test the new Plum Tots Little Foodies range. Perfect for those evenings when my husband and I just have a quick and easy salad but I want her to get something with good fats that’s quick and easy, but Organic and nutritionally balanced. These are meals I would homecook with great quality ingredients and flavours so although a fast option I know she is getting everything that she needs from them.
Plum Tots Little Foodie range is full of tasty ingredients with each pot providing at least two daily portions of vegetables and no nasties. Finished off with fruit and yogurt I know she’s had a good meal! The range includes Caribbean Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice; Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat; Neapolitan Tomato & Beef Ragu with Ditalini Pasta; and Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice. Joss liked them all but the Ragu meal was wolfed down and she was making her usual mmmmmm noises to let me know that this was her firm favourite! Here she is dining alfresco with evidence around her mouth!
I liked that the meals had a great texture, just what I’d expect for a toddler, we do baby led weaning so Joss likes and needs lots of grown up lumps and textures to explore, she picked up the rice dishes easily with her hands and there were lots of chunky pieces so she didn’t need any help at all from me, leaving my hands free to eat my own dinner!
Thanks Plum for letting us try them, a big thumbs up from us!

Cuddling with a bottle


I wanted to share this picture, its intended to show that bottlefeeding can be an affectionate and bonding time too. I don’t want to say anything contentious but just let it speak for itself, its been a hard journey through first time motherhood but always always loving :-)