Things I like – home, hobbies, lifestyle

I’m mad keen on magazines and beg, buy or borrow all the big glossies, yes, that’s right, ALL! I love to read and am an OU student so its a big contradiction that I’m the geek reading academia whilst sneaking peeks at Vogue and Gurgle! I’m partial to a cup of Twinings Tea whilst I study and since pregnancy have been working my way through their caffeine free selection!

I love vintage, quirky, handcrafted over mass produced but like a few luxury brands, The White Company and Urban Outfitters to name a few

You’ll never , ever see me without makeup, its fun to play with and I love luxury beauty treats. Faves are Lush, VO5, MAC and lately Illamasqua, total guilty pleasure territory? Try Aromatherapy Associates and Lush`s Gorrilla Perfumes

I’ve a penchant for gold jewellery, doctors bags and shoes, being size 9 isn’t easy but its becoming less of a struggle to find fashionable heels!

Things I like – babies

I thought I’d start with a daily things I like, so…

I have an eight month old and am off on maternity leave, therefore I like all things baby!

I love simple toys, home cooking all can enjoy, hand me downs, dungarees on girls and funky colours, blankets, slings and most of all, as a fluff bum mam I love cloth nappies!

We like the following brands:

Totsbots – fab funky nappies, great absorbancy, suit my skinny minnie really nicely and the softest bamboo inners make these a winner for us

Cheeky wipes – great money saver, convenient and wash so well, saving the planet from disposable wipes and better for removing everything in one go, no fingers getting messy here!

Frugi – amazing for accommodating a cloth bum, gorgeous quality and design and the friendliest staff you’ll speak to!


Jojo Maman Bebe, just snuggable, especially the sleepwear

Silvercross – timeless and finally My Little Patch wet bags, holds in all smells imaginable and the tiny bags are ace for snacks, just don’t mix em up with your nappy wetbags

Generally I go for quality over quantity and comfort over everything else!