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Where is the difference? Game headphones and music headphones tricky

Headset is a bridge connecting the computer and the ear, a large number of complex voice data is directly communicated to the user through the headset, it can be said that the headset is the terminal device, directly affects the sound experience. Since beats solo the first mobile ring earphones were invented in the 1930s, the earphone production technology has been quite mature, and the market is full of many different brands and different kinds of earphones. In addition to some professional areas of skilled, expensive headphone products, consumer-level areas can be broadly divided into two major categories of music headphones and gaming headphones. Everyone in the market knows that the headphone market is in a dilemma. Before the ordinary consumers are faced with the dilemma of "professional music headsets" and "professional gaming headsets", how to choose a headset that really suits them? Gaming Headsets To cater to the special needs of gamers, a generously sized headband, bulky earmuffs, and cables of sufficient length and thickness are commonly used in appearance to break your imagination. Many gamers like this big but real feeling, but the direct consequence of beats headphones on sale doing so is that the external material is almost plastic headphone, feel in general, and occasionally play point color temptation. The so-called game headset, game elements cheap beats by dr dre to join the natural, the most common breathing lamp design, currently only find traces in the game headset, perhaps this is their sign it!

The most direct impression of music headphones gives the impression that it is delicate, after all, the music lovers are always prepared weapon, to maintain the compact shape will help reduce the travel burden. Headphones have a greater choice of materials, such as alloys can bring beautiful fashion, rich experience, directly from the appearance of the headset can see the quality. Another distinguishing feature of gaming headsets from music headsets is that they also feature a microphone device. After all, it is often the case that a group is fighting and McDonald's can control the overall situation. Speaker diameter: can be simply equivalent to headphone power, the greater the diameter, the greater the maximum power, but this maximum power and no practical use, headphone sound quality is stable and smooth, depends on the speaker's rated power. Many gaming headphones boast their maximum power, which is entirely flirtatious white publicity. Frequency response range: used to measure the headset high, medium and low frequency band signal reproduction capability, usually 20Hz-20kHz, which is the human ear can theoretically hear beats solo the range of sound waves. If the actual lower limit is lower, the higher the upper limit, indicating that this headset has a broader resolution, the performance of the music can be more rich in detail.