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When the headphone meets the game Headset the guide

Because the game headset and the music headset service different objects, or the pursuit of different sound effects, so always give people a sense of heavy appearance, this really can not blame people, in order to create a better scene effect, Game manufacturers to consider from sound insulation, wear and other aspects, the cool shape of the pull of the game headset compared to the literary atmosphere of music headphones in the game more sense of substitution. Difference between music headphones and gaming headphones is actually very simple, nothing more than a good music headphones: a good sense of atmosphere, as the saying goes, can always touch you burst into tears. Good game headset: Positioning is good, listen to listen to the enemy to get rid of the enemy. Most of the area has a frosted outer layer, but a mirror-like decoration is embedded on the back of the entrance so that the overall headphone will not be beats earphones too boring. The headset with wheat wire control is a small size shape, and on the right side of the line, when the wear line solution close to the user's mouth, effectively improving the omnidirectional microphone pickup effect. The remote only integrates a button for answering/hanging up the phone or pause/continue playing music. The keys use different matte materials for blind operation, which is convenient for positioning by touch.

And the game is very close to the trend, low-frequency and midrange vocal voice is more prominent, although the headset does not have a sufficient amount of low-frequency, but it is very powerful and strong, with a good sense of rhythm. The vocals are very prominent and close to the ears. This seems to be to cater to the needs of the current popular music. There is a clear stratification of the instruments and vocals, and they will not be mixed together. This is different from the vocal images beats earbuds that are quite clear. The instrument is beats headphones cheap soft and has a good connection with the high frequency part. Speaker unit, tri-band has its own characteristics, bass full of elasticity, a wide range of midrange, smooth treble without burr sense, the overall sound field is very open. Kefeng's function is very practical in the game, natural noise reduction makes the sound fuller, louder, and clearer, noisy for the game player's teammates who have always complained, and some indissoluble environmental noise