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What is the stethoscope effect How to solve the stethoscope effect

Simply put, because the wire is hard, the sound that rubs against the clothes or when it comes into contact with other objects will enter the ear canal with the wire, and the messy sound will seriously affect the user's listening mood. In a nutshell, the stethoscope effect is that the headset will make a buzzing noise. For the music lovers who wear in-ear earbuds, the stethoscope effect is the beats earbuds biggest killer. Let's sit still and listen to the song. Not a solution, first of all we have to analyze the cause of the stethoscope effect:

1, the headset's hard wire

Since we all know that the harder the wire is, the more obvious the stethoscope effect is, the headphone manufacturers certainly beats solo know why they still choose the harder wire. Usually a good wire is harder to protect the copper wire inside. Of course, the wire change is not A good solution is that it cannot perfectly solve the effect of the stethoscope. It may also cause deterioration of the sound quality. The sound quality of the wire will also change.

2. Friction with clothes and other objects (main reason)

When objects rub together they produce sounds, making it impossible for us to sit still and listen to songs.

How to solve the stethoscope effect

1, can be tested under the ear hook, the general earphone to ear type can reduce the stethoscope effect.

2. Wear the ear around the ear, and use a clip. The end of beats by dre wireless the line is fixed with a rubber band or a clip, and the method of stabilizing the line is used to reduce the shaking friction.

3, walking the line in the clothes, reducing the line of shaking is also a good way;

4. Move the headphone cord near the player upwards. Pulling the distance from the earbuds is the best way to reduce the length of the cord and avoid excessive contact and friction. cheap beats headphones Compare the portable player to the chest pocket. suitable.