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What is the meaning of headphone impedance?

Now many people and many occasions talk about whether the headset is easy to push, often see cheap beats by dre the impedance of the headset, the lower the impedance, the easier to promote.

This view is not wrong, but it is also one-sided and it is easy to misunderstand. Because it is only one of the factors that determine the impedance of a headset.

In fact, the sensitivity of the headset is the key factor affecting the headset is easy to promote, but unfortunately many non-professionals are still on various beats by dre sale occasions to just get started enthusiasts misleading.

What is the best state of the headset?

The best state of the headset should be higher impedance and higher sensitivity. The higher the impedance is, the less the current drawn by the sound source (such as a walkman) is, which not only saves the battery consumption of the audio source, but also helps to reduce the distortion. At the same time, the higher sensitivity will beats by dre studio compensate for the loss of volume due to the high impedance.

There are now some portable tag adapters: 16 ohms, and some users believe that the manufacturer's tag (users can still trust who) only choose 16 ohm headphones, limiting the range of users to choose headphones, in fact, is completely unnecessary As long as the sensitivity of the headset is high, some impedances can be higher, which is not only harmless but also beneficial.

In general, there are two factors that affect whether the headset is easy to drive. The first is sensitivity and the second is impedance. Even if the impedance is low and the sensitivity is not high, it is difficult to drive. For example, with a sensitivity of up to

Sensitivity is the primary factor in determining whether a headset is easy to drive, and impedance is a secondary factor. To determine if the headset is easy to drive, first look at the sensitivity and the second reference impedance. In addition, portable headphones, earbuds, etc., do not have to bother to study how much the impedance is - originally designed for the Walkman, how can walkman can not push it? How can it be high resistance? How could I add an amp?

The so-called band with no movement, as long as it is a constant voltage output type amplifier, the load impedance of the load should not be too small, but exceeds the amplifier's maximum output current capability, then there is no problem, that is to say, in fact, in fact, The greater the impedance of the load, the lower the current output requirements for the amplifier, and the amplifier is generally easier to work. Of course, we must get the right output power, the load impedance can not be too large, otherwise what useful power have to be At a certain output power, the earphone must be able to emit the sound pressure that the human ear can hear. It is also related to the sensitivity of the earphone. Generally, it is expressed in dB/mw, that is, how much dB can be generated by inputting 1mw of power to the earphone. Sound pressure, the intensity of the human ear listening to music is generally about 100dB or so, so if the output power of the headset can reach 10mw, the sensitivity of the headset is 95dB (common value of the headset), then the obtained sound pressure level can be To 105dB, almost more suitable, and 10mw output power for the Walkman if the headset is 100 euros, then the output voltage required 1.4Vrms peak-to-peak, for the final power amplifier, the requirements are not too high, but also acceptable, as long as the power supply voltage is about 3V, this is no problem cheap beats by dre for the common DISCMAN, if the sensitivity of the headset is too If it is low, it will not produce enough sound pressure levels.