The Out-takes

I laughed out loud when I heard about Mama Geek’s new outtakes linky for poor photography, if there was a MADS 2014 category for Worst Photography I’d be up for nomination, hands down, cropping, filtering and scrapping and starting again are my best foto friends!

This week we’ve had a blast of wind and rain on our Team Honk walk…


A great shot with metal railings from the coast…


…and a murky snap of an axolotl (that’s a walking fish)


But they still all made the cut because they’re true to life, in the words of Joss, and her favourite song of late “I don’t care…I luff it!”

the outtakes

2 thoughts on “The Out-takes

  1. Thank you for joining in with #theouttakes! These photos might be poorly taken or be victims of bad weather, but as you say they are true to life… I love the little hand on the glass in the last one.

    Great to see a #TeamHonkRelay shot in there too :-D

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