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The basic content of the audio processor digital processor output

There are a lot of audio processors in life. What are the basic contents for audio processors? Do you understand the digital processor output function?

Signal Input Routing (ROUNT): The function is to let this output channel select which input channel to accept. Generally, you can select A (1) input, B (2) input or mixed input mono), if you choose A,

Then the channel signal from input A, do not accept the input B signal, if you choose A + B, then, no matter A or B, which signal, this channel will have a signal coming in.

High pass filter (HPF): This is used to adjust the lower limit of the output signal, such as the speaker to adjust the next crossover point, the internal usually consists of three parameters, one is the frequency used to select the required frequency limit, Another is the filter form, there are three kinds of general, LR, BESSAL, butworth, if you do not understand, you can choose LR, the beats by dre third parameter is the filter slope, generally 6,12,18,24,48dB / OCT several, too much I have also said that this slope means that the greater the value you choose, the more clean the points.

Low-pass filter (LPF): It is used to adjust the upper limit of the output signal frequency, like the control subwoofer on the crossover point, the internal regulation beats headphones cheap and HPF.

HPF and LPF combination is the band-pass filter, such as an external 3-way speaker, the crossover point is 500/3000 Hz, then the bass LPF on the election 500, mid-channel HPF election 500, LPF election 3000, Treble channel HPF selected 3000, the filter type selected LR, frequency-division slope of 24, generally not wrong.

In addition, some processors combine the filter form with the divide-by-ramp rate as an option.

Output equalization Generally balanced with the same input method, but the general output balance is only a parametric equilibrium, and there is no graphic equalization options.

The polarity of the output polarity is the same as that of the input section. It is used to convert the polarity of the output signal. Some processors also have a PHASE adjustment on the output side.

Output limiter: There are generally three parameters adjustable, that is, start-up level, start-up time and recovery time. Start Level Adjustment According to the characteristics of beats by dre power amplifier and speaker, usually under normal circumstances, the beats by dre wireless power amplifier should not make a red light, start-up time and recovery time according to the frequency to choose low-frequency with slow start fast recovery, high-frequency with fast start slow recovery , Intermediate frequency.