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Stereo Headphones Buying Tips

Buying a headset is not as complicated as buying a speaker. It should be simpler. Nowadays, headphones have become a must-have for many people to enjoy music. It is not only small and exquisite, but also has great activity and will not interfere with others. Moreover, the listening speakers are more realistic than ordinary speakers, and they are more powerful. Live feeling, stereo rendering effect is very strong. How to buy a good computer stereo headset has become very important, but most people do not understand a lot of headphones, so we have to first understand the headset, then please listen to me to speak to you.

1. First, let's talk about the classification of stereo headphones.

According to the shape of the points can be divided into closed, open and semi-open:

The closed earphones wrap your ears with their own soft pads to completely cover them. These headsets have large sound pads, so they are larger, but they can be used in noisy environments without affecting them.

Open headphones are a popular style of headphones. The feature of this type of machine is that the sound-absorbing ear pad is made by using a sponge-like microcellular foam plastic. It is compact and comfortable beats earbuds to wear. It no longer uses heavy sound pads, so there is no sense of isolation from the outside world, but its low-frequency losses are large. In terms of listening, this headset is still good.

The semi-open earphone is a new type of earphone that combines the advantages of both closed and open type earphones (it is a hybrid, combining the advantages of the first two types of earphones, and improving the inadequacies). Such headphones use a multi-diaphragm structure. In addition to an active active diaphragm, there are multiple beats by dre passive driven diaphragms. It has many characteristics such as rich and low frequency description, high-frequency description of bright and natural, clear layers and so on. Nowadays, it is the earphone that is widely used in many high-grade earphones.

According to the function can be divided into headset and ear style:

Most of the headsets are closed structures, so it is not very convenient to carry them, but their expressiveness is very strong, and they can enjoy the beauty of music in isolation. And this kind of headset is very strong, anti-beating ability, so this kind of headset can be used at home or office, in order to meet the voice interface, most of them also have a microphone (that is, we usually have to headset).

The earbud type is mainly easy to travel and listen to music because of its small size. This headset is mainly used for CD Walkman, MP3 player, MD. Its sound quality is good and its voice interaction is strong, but its anti-interference ability is weak and its function is not strong.

According to the principle of manufacturing can be divided into electric and capacitive:

Electric type (also called moving coil type) has the characteristics of simple structure, stable sound quality, high power, and high sensitivity.

Capacitive type (also called electrostatic type) has the advantages of good sound quality and wide frequency band, but the structure is very complicated, which makes it difficult to manufacture, making very few manufacturers to do this kind of headphones, and it is rarely seen on the market today. Model stereo headphones.

Double-frequency earphones:

The dual-frequency crossover earphone is a dual-band crossover earphone that integrates the advantages of both the electric type and the capacitive type on the basis of the semi-open earphone. It combines the advantages of electro-, capacitive, closed, and open-type headphones (this is a real hybrid). This kind of headphones, regardless of dynamic range, transient response, playback quality, The tone thickness and so on are all very outstanding, and its accurate voice resolution is the best choice for music enthusiasts.

2. Now that you know the structure of your headphones, let's look at how to buy headphones.

What do enthusiastic music fans love most? Of course, HiFi is HiFi. If you want headphones to be HiFi, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

From the use of the point of view, generally speaking, electric headphones have a simple structure, stable sound quality, low price, sound quality is not outstanding and other characteristics, suitable for general use, it can meet the general needs; capacitive headphones, good sound quality And the frequency bandwidth, but due to the complexity of the process, the price is relatively high, suitable for enthusiasts to choose, its listening quality is quite good.

From the perspective of the use of headphones, the headset needs to be worn on the head for a long time. This requires that the ear pads of the headphones are very soft and comfortable, the pressure of the headband is relatively small, and the headphone cannot press the blood vessels of the head to cause discomfort.

Based on my experience, you'd better buy both earbuds and headsets. In summer days, ear plug ears will not be guilty; in cold winter days, head wear can prevent ear frostbite and serve two purposes.

When you buy headphones, the performance indicators on the headset should beats by dre wireless pay attention to, because the poor quality of the headset is often produced by some small factories, and some of its performance indicators are random additions, and some are exaggerated. Headsets generally have a minimum frequency range of 20 to 20 kHz, greater than 100 mW of power, and less than or equal to 0.5% of harmonic distortion. If you do not meet the above requirements, you better not buy. If the performance of the product is too high, please do not buy it.

If judging from the appearance and feel, the authentic headphones produced by large manufacturers use engineering plastics so that the appearance is very smooth, there is a certain degree of hardness and toughness, no hard feeling, fine workmanship, feel very good, no rough use of inferior plastic sense. In addition, the diameter of the lead wire of the earphone is relatively thick, which can ensure stable transmission, and the touch of the wire is soft and hard. The plug is neat and clean without any burrs and the coating is even and smooth. If not, do not buy it.

Actually speaking so much, the most important thing is to listen to yourself. Did someone say that listening to a listener is not listening to the beats by dre sale headphones? In fact, the knowledge here can be great! It is best to use a clean program source for the audition. The so-called clean means that the source itself cannot have unpredictable pop and trembling and sound distortion.