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Sports headphones, headset industry, the value of the bear!

Its earplugs into the ear just right angle, with more fit the structure of the earloop shark fin earmuffs, stable and cheap beats by dre not easy to fall, the perfect solution to the traditional ear leaks beats earbuds trouble and easy to fall out of strenuous exercise ~ moving principle Very simple, the audio signal generated by the beats by dre on sale voice coil when the thrust makes the diaphragm in the permanent magnetic field vibration, in order to sound. Dynamic drive unit technology is mature, more excellent bass, sound field loose natural, so if you prefer bass music, then dynamic headphones is a very suitable choice. Music is a good companion when running, wearing headphones is like entering a new world, high fidelity speakers, stereo space, sweat-hanging features, designed for sports, so you still at high speed Can enjoy the surging music.

The appearance of sports headphones that is characteristic of the price beats earphones is not too high, the unique structure of the shark fin, so headphones either directly or wearing earmuffs can be very comfortable to wear. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, NFC support, touch-up with NFC-enabled devices, just 16g lightweight, audio protocol support for fidelity sound, IPX4 waterproofing, prevents headsets from dripping in the rain and sweating The case of water, life 4.5 hours, exercise time this time is sufficient.