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Sound effect

Sound effects, referred to as "effect". Drama, film and other stage performances of one of the creative means. Use a variety of special equipment and techniques to simulate or reproduce a variety of sounds, such as wind, rain, guns and so on, to create a realistic stage to contrast the atmosphere, enhance the artistic appeal.

Sound effects, refers to the theater with the design, configuration of the various audio, referred to as "effect". It is artfully reproduce nature (such as birds, wind and rain, lightning, etc.) and social life (such as putting guns, driving machines, sirens, sirens, and so on) by the use and operation of various special instruments and techniques, Hit the clock, etc.) and the spiritual field of the emergence of complex sound phenomenon, the auditory image of the actor to perform, contrast the scene atmosphere, characterization of the psychological activities, enhance the artistic appeal.


Sound effects can be divided into a sound source sound effects and no sound source sound effects of two categories. A sound source sound effect can also be called "realistic effect". This type of sound is characterized by whether it is on the stage or came from the stage, has its realistic and reliable basis and source. No sound source sound effect can be called "unrealistic effect". This kind of sound does not need to have the actual source as the basis, but in order to focus on depicting the person's mental state, rendering the special atmosphere and mood. In addition, there is a sound source with no sound source sound effects of the organic combination, but also derived from a mixed sound effects. It has a reliable source of real life, there are unrealistic factors, the two convert each other, alternating display, to enrich the sound effects of the performance of fun and techniques.


The effect of sound effects in theatrical performances is: (1) to strengthen the realism of life, make the performance of the actors more reasonable, set off as well as the performance of the spiritual world and thoughts and feelings, emphasizing the character; as the script structure of an important part (3) to help create a specific environment, depicting the era of the plot, the region, the season and even show the specific time and place, to play a vivid description of the objective environment of the effectiveness of the environment, to promote the development of the scenes; ; help to create a variety of stage atmosphere to enhance the performance rhythm; highlight the theme of the play, deepen the script of the idea, from the auxiliary role. In addition, its function is also reflected in such as the connotation of the stage to deepen the stage to help the stage of the extension of the time or the passage of time, rendering theatrical performances of the style and mood. In the case of

In theatrical performances, the sound effects are operated by hand, but not a simple technical operation, it must be integrated with the stage action, to ensure the unity of the artistic concept.


The quality of the sound of the home appliance market contains a variety of ingredients, tone, sound, volume and sound is the four elements of popular evaluation of sound effects. In the case of

tone: pitch level is in accordance with the scale to change, is the frequency of the sound wave to determine the level of the listener's feeling, the frequency is high high tone; low frequency is low on the pitch. Must pay attention to the difference between frequency and tone, the frequency is an objective concept, because it can be measured directly with electronic instruments (frequency meter), while the tone is subjective feeling, this feeling is called hearing, human hearing has its own unique performance. The auditory characteristic of the human being is a change in the ratio of the sound to the sound. In the case of

volume: volume is the size and strength of the sound. On the electrical technology point of view, that is, the current, voltage range of beats by dre wireless the problem, the high range, the sound is large. In actual use, the volume adjustment is to control the size of the amplitude or power of the audio voltage input to the power amplifier.

tone: sound refers to the sound contains the harmonic frequency (overtone) components. Fixed frequency is the fundamental frequency, and the fundamental frequency of the frequency of the relationship known as the harmonic, any sweet sound is not from a single frequency, certainly has a rich frequency components. Sound is good, should be the sound of harmonic components rich, otherwise it sounds not pleasant. The harmonic frequencies of different instruments are very different. One of the main differences between female and male sounds is that the sound is different. In the case of

sound products: any sound has a process of decay and decay, this process determines the sound of sound products. For example, the same beats headphones person to send the same scale of the "ah" sound, if the tone is long, it becomes a sigh; if the sudden burst and stop abruptly, it becomes a scream, it seems that the sound growth and decay When the process is different, the feeling of the listener is not the same. In fact, when the sound is not the same time the sound spectrum is also different, beats by dre mainly in the spectral line of the distribution of different strengths and weaknesses, so you can think that sound and sound are determined by the sound spectrum structure, and some beats solo of the two together as a sound, As an element of the performance of the sound characteristics. The sound effect of the four elements measured mainly by the human ear.