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Some common headset repair tips and methods

Headphone failure causes, nothing more than, membrane collapse, membrane cracking, film loss, into the iron, voice coil disconnection, headphone cable break, headphone cable hardened, headphone cable cracked, shell damage, send pinhole plugging .

1. Membrane collapse, membrane cracking, membrane loss, into the iron treatment

General headphones have broken sound, noise, bass missing fault is generally considered the above reasons. First of all, open the headphone shell, the first soft-sleeve to take down the soft sleeve and then use sharp tweezers and other sharp tools to pick a little bit of iron mesh and steel cover, etc., until the film is fully exposed. The hard shell may first be covered with a small, flat-blade screwdriver at the connecting seam, which can then be easily opened and eventually the film is fully exposed.

Membrane collapse, the membrane collapse with a pair of tweezers clip a small piece of double-sided adhesive, gently sticking the membrane where it collapsed filed. Pay attention to the size of control efforts. After the membrane is restored, it can be replaced as it is.

Membrane cracking, repair is unlikely, even if the sound quality will be damaged. However, the successful treatment, the sound quality damage less. That is to use a needle dip 704 glue (also called vulcanized silicone), painted in the cracks. Be careful not to be too thick to cover the cracks. Then install the shell. Remember not to try immediately, should be placed two days later try again. Because of the slow curing silicone rubber.

Membrane loss, with a small amount of glue or fishpond, can stick to. Pay attention to sticking flat. Replaced placed for a day can be. Into the iron powder, with cotton swab dipped in iron dip, and then deal with membrane collapse.

2. Voice coil break handling

It's good if you measure headsets without sound. The two solder joints behind the measuring cell are not conductive. The voice coil is disconnected. Now most cheap beats of the ear plugs are generally replaced from the side of the lead, although the sound quality will have a little impact, but it makes the possibility of pin-out severely reduced. In spite of this, the unit is still often rubbed off due to human factors. A blade can be used to lift the membrane for repair, and the voice coil wire can cheap beats by dr dre be picked up with a needle tip. Separate the two threads and then pull the thread in a direction that is opposite to the direction of the winding. The force should be very cautious. Note that the direction of the two lines must be different. If you can not pull on do not force to pull, and the application of a thin headphone cable voice coil will be longer. Miyazaki is best to help with a magnifying glass, the first online tin, then the tip of the soldering iron on the wire. And 704 glue the line paste in the headset film. Then stick the headphone film, the leads out of the two voice coil wire in the back of the solder joints. It is best to use hot sol to protect the back of the line to prevent it from being rubbed again. General film with a copper ring above the repair success rate will be higher, the impact on the sound quality will be smaller.

3. Headphone cable break, headset line cracking approach

Headphone break generally occurs after the headphone jack, headphone splitter and headphone unit outlet and other parts.

Headphone plug at the ear, when poor contact. Dynamic plug at the reaction at the broken line here. Cut the headphone cord from here. Then peel open the line to find the site, the core cut trim. A total of four lines are the left channel, left channel, right channel, right channel, with the color to be distinguished. For the three-pole plug is left and right channels are connected together. Headphone cable covered with insulating paint, so the test can not be measured directly with the table, should be first plated tin wire. The specific method of operation is to first apply rosin or solder paste online and then use a tin-soaked iron until the solder lines wet. Then it is best to open the headphone shell with a table measuring the four lines to check the other break. If the normal description of only this one broken. Then the soft cover off the head of the headset set off the line, the hard plastic behind the plug with a cut, showing the solder joints. Then the lines are welded one by one. General welding of two places in the most thick parts, the right channel welding in the middle, the left channel welding in the most thin parts. Two yellow line is generally the ground, the red line is the right channel, the green line is the left channel. Of course, there are exceptions, it is best to open the unit to measure. Weld check to prevent any short circuit between two. Then plug in the machine and try it. Use your familiar song (can distinguish between left and right channel song). If the opposite, then it will change about two lines (middle and the smallest spot on the line), and then test to confirm the implementation of bandaging. First with white medical tape wrapped a few laps, the thickness of the sleeve can be stuffed into. Pay attention to the line and head band together. Soak the tape with 502 glue to make it stronger. At this point you can use vices will be wrapped around the tape at a smooth place. Then apply some 704 glue on it and stuff it in a soft cover. Good workmanship can not see completely moved hands and feet. To be dry after the glue can be used.

Headphone cable bifurcation at the broken line approach

And plugs at the investigation method, the same time when the headset cheap beats is not the time to push the line intermittent. It can be determined here is disconnected. If you accidentally pull it out, do not do unnecessary trouble. Only cut one of the bad roots it. If it is used for a long time, then both are cut open treatment. Because of the problem with one of them for a long time, the other one is not far off. The best time to repair thoroughly, cut open the headphone cable from the open line and then peel the line a little. Find the location of the broken line cut neat. Then put the heat-shrink tubing on the broken wire, then screw up the same colored wire. Then apply some rosin or solder paste with a soldering iron dipped in solder until the solder is wetted. Use a little tape for insulation. Then coated on both ends of the line 502 sets of good heat-shrink tube, blowing with a hot air xxx or lighter to bake. Shrink tube after shrinking 502 will break the two ends of the skin and heat shrinkable tube glued together. It does not matter even if it is hard to pull. For SONY kind of plastic tube with a break point can be hidden in the plastic tube, so completely do not see the scars.

5. Earphone unit outlet part of the treatment

Disassemble the earphone shell (refer to the method of disassembly in Part 1) and use a soldering iron to heat the wire from the unit. Draw the line a little longer to reveal the broken part and cut that end. Then peel the line for a while. Tinned on-line head (Tin plating method see section 3), and then welded to the unit. Pay attention to distinguish the polarity of the wire, the general output line (red, green or blue, etc.) connected to the marked point position, and ground (usually yellow) connected to the pointless position. After welding the test. The final installation of the shell can be. This approach often makes the original headphone cable shorter, the solution is to re-line from the bifurcation or take off the bifurcation of the knot then pull the line down a little, with heat-shrink tubing or rope to re-knot. Cause two lines of unequal length can handle two lines.

6. Headphone cable crack processing and line replacement method Headphone cable local cracking can be used to deal with the heat shrinkable tube is to remove the headphone unit, first open the earphone shell, and then use the iron to the line ironing down, you can easily Headphone cable pulled out. Note that it is best to mark the left and right channels before extracting. Then cut a suitable heat-shrink tube and put it on. Apply a little bit of glue at the cracked beats by dre on sale area. Then use the hot air xxx or bake the lighter to shrink the shrink tube on it. (Please refer to the previous disassembly and installation methods) Ways to change the line I do not want to say. I'll take a look at the method of selecting the wire. Different grades of headphones for the best selection of different grades of wire.

High-end headphones with ordinary wire will limit the performance of play, and low-end headphones with too high-grade wire does not improve the performance of how much, but also a bit underapprecious enough. Low-grade headphones can choose the general oxygen-free copper, mid-range with single crystal oxygen-free copper, high-end best with crystalline copper wire. General low-grade oxygen-free copper wire fakes a lot, it is best to find disassemble the headphone cable as well.

7. Broken shell and send the sound hole to deal with the blockage

For damaged shell can be opened after the earphone case, alcohol wash. After drying with 502 adhesive good. Such as plastic can be completely dry back. Some people easily lose the headphone shell often stick with glue 502 to its death, in fact, this approach undesirable. Because, one of the 502 rubber permeability is very strong, easy to flow into the headphone unit to damage it; Second, 502 adhesive too strong, causing difficulties to repair again. It is recommended that you use 704 silicone and fish ball glue, and strict attention to dosage.

8 for the headphone plug the proposal we open the headset after cleaning with alcohol

Temporarily write so much, if mistakes and inaccuracies of the place hope people point out. Which master there is a more elegant way please invitations to share resources.

Note: fully suitable for dynamic headphones, some suitable for other types.