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Professional audio engineering common eight questions

In the process of doing professional audio engineering for clients, they always encounter a variety of problems. For this reason, Xiaobian specially summarizes some common problems introduced to you. The following are the specific contents: The problem of signal distribution

In the professional audio project set up a few groups of speakers in the case, usually through cheap beats an equalizer to distribute the signal to multiple amplifiers and speakers. But also led to a variety of brands of amplifier and speaker mixed use, so the distribution of the signal may lead to various problems, such as impedance is consistent with the average level distribution, the speaker power to achieve the standard compliance, the other with a balanced It is difficult to adjust the frequency characteristics of sound field and loudspeaker.

2, graphic equalizer debugging problems

Common graphic equalizer will appear swallow type, mountain type, wave type three spectrum wave shape, the shape of the above spectrum are professional audio engineers artificial imagined spectrum wave shape, in fact, is not actually the sound field required shape spectrum As we all know, the ideal shape of the spectral waveform is relatively stable and smooth. If we can adjust the shape of the spectral waveform artificially, we can imagine the ultimate effect is often counterproductive.

3, pressure limiter adjustment problem

In the professional sound engineering common limiter adjustment problem is that the limiter does not work or over-effect but lead to adverse reactions. The former problem can still be used after the occurrence of the latter problem will lead to a serious impact on the sound engineering system operation, the performance is cheap beats by dr dre usually the performance is stronger accompaniment vocals weakens performers at a loss.

4, the system level adjustment problem

The first is the amplifier sensitivity control knob is not in place, followed by the sound system did not perform zero-level adjustment. At some point the mixer channel is slightly pushed up and the sound output increases a lot, which affects the normal operation and fidelity of the sound system.

5, beats headphones cheap bass signal processing

A class of problems is not the use of electronic crossover frequency signal directly to the amplifier to drive speakers; The second type of problem is I do not cheap beats know where to get the bass signal from the system for processing. If you do not use the electronic frequency direct use of the full-band signal to the amplifier to promote the speaker, although the speaker can emit sound will not damage the speaker unit, but alone on its low unit full range sound can be imagined; but if not from the system Obtaining the bass signal in the right place can also cause extra trouble for the sound engineer's on-site operation.

6, the effect of loop handling

Should take the post-fader signal, to avoid the effect of uncontrolled microphone whistle caused by the scene, then return to the conditions can take all the way, so adjust more easily.

7, line connection processing

In the professional sound engineering common audio system AC interference loud line connection processing is not in place, as well as the balance of the system to the uneven and unbalanced balanced connection, the use of certain standards must be met. In addition, professional audio engineering ban the use of poor quality connectors.

8, control problems

Console is the audio system control center, sometimes on the console high school low EQ equalization to do the same substantial increase or decrease, said the sound system is not set correctly, the system should be re-commissioned to prohibit excessive adjustment console EQ.