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Play calls are met with these headphones with headset is worth buying

What is the use of wire control? If you have a Walkman experience, you should know that it is very easy to operate with a Walkman, and you can always control the machine's features, except of course you can not call. Now we all use cell phones to listen to music, as in the past that complex remote control has gone, but the new wire headset must have been used by everyone, many of the standard mobile phone headset is able to wire-controlled. Although the headset now looks simple, but in fact it can beats by dr dre also achieve some basic control functions, such as the ability to easily adjust the beats by dre studio phone's playback volume, there is the switch songs, without having to take out the phone quickly control the playback or pause. Of course, the call function is also the top priority, with a headset with a wired call in the subway, send and receive text messages, voice is particularly convenient. The use of active noise reduction design, the microphone will automatically detect the outside world can hear the sound, after electronic processing, to produce a correct signal to offset the external noise, the corrected signal is fed back to the headset speaker, which play a noise reduction effect.

Just a button to turn on noise reduction, the user can choose to shield the outside world noise or listen to outside information. In addition, headphones and remote control design, an increase of the practicality of the headset. Charging two hours, can provide about 16 hours of playback. Innovative beats by dre on sale shark fin silicone earplugs, to provide beats by dr dre a comfortable and stable wearing experience.