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Phone amp enough Hi? Mini Bluetooth speakers for playback upgrade

This year's audio market, wireless headsets and wireless speakers can be said that the two hot product line. It is noteworthy that these two products are brought beats earphones in front of the wireless word. In other words, now whether consumers or manufacturers, are concerned about this line of wireless audio products. So today is also a small coffee by hand this opportunity to hold a mini small body, this model is designed to be more than a lady. Rose gold tones not only meet the girl's girls heart, but also does not seem too cheap, with a sleek body shape, proper goddess Fan children. If you think it is just beats solo a beautiful decoration child, then click the play that moment, you will be severely hit the face, high-tightness of the whole range of magnetic speaker unit and bass vibrating membrane combination is definitely a hearing Feast, such internal and external design, really hard to dislike ah. Although the speaker is a mini body, but the general portable speaker supports smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., it also can be the perfect support. A key to connect Bluetooth, within ten meters can easily manage the music player, you want to collect more music can also use the TF memory card plug and play. Suspended low-frequency resonance system to create the sound is also very pleasant surprise, compact design, so you can easily adapt to a variety of outdoor sports, free to enjoy.

PARTY will inevitably have some love crazy little companion, if the original lively atmosphere because the speaker accidentally stained with water into a dilemma, then the speaker has become an embarrassing existence, you want to avoid this situation, may wish to choose A more waterproof and portable beats headphones cheap portable speaker. This speaker surface because of woolen fabric and silicone material coverage, dirt and water are more perfect, or even directly wash with water is not afraid, 360-degree sound plus 15 hours of battery life, so your music hi Last night! Now buy speakers, a look at the sound beats by dre studio quality, look at the appearance of two, in almost the same sound quality, the retro look is reminiscent of the previous era, to revisit the classic childhood. The multi-functional Bluetooth speakers will make us sigh life can be so diverse!