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No headphone jack is not convenient? Try this Bluetooth headset

In recent years, the mobile phone industry has shown a trend of rapid development. Of course, mobile phones have also had great changes in their design. One of the changes may affect the daily use of most people, that is, cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. So now in the use of headphones on the phone generally need to transfer cable, or through the wireless connection to complete. At the beginning, I also felt very difficult to adapt until I met a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset has gone through years of development, technology is also very mature. Previous Bluetooth beats by dr dre headset only a single ear, mainly used to answer the call, and now the Bluetooth headset life and sound quality have been improved, so the use of Bluetooth headset song is a good choice. So today's Bluetooth headset basically uses the binaural design so-called true wireless headset, in fact, is the use of a detached Bluetooth headset design. This design allows you to truly get cheap beats by dr dre rid of the shackles of the line, especially the wired headset prone to winding situation, the other wireless beats by dre wireless headset can feel almost without wear, more comfortable. At the same time such a wireless headset also just solve the phone without the headphone jack trouble, because it is easy to carry, but also battery box design, battery life also need not worry. And the phone connection is also very simple, as long as the first manual adaptation, after the use of basically automatic connection, compared to the cable is still much simpler.

Box with a pull-style design, moderate damping, pulled out after the open you can see the title page on the use of this headset diagram. I think even if there is no written description, in fact, we can clearly understand its reason. Because the headset uses a wireless design, so when you need to carry a storage box. Of course, the storage box is also built-in 500 mAh battery, when the headset into the headphones can automatically charge. Headlamp light with a hidden design, and beats by dre on sale headphone styling blend. Indicators with a colorful color, you can through different colors and flashing conditions to indicate the different state of the headset. The keys are also hidden design, but the left ear is the main headset, so most of the features are achieved by the buttons on the left ear. Stylish design of the headset atmosphere, wear solid, and feature-rich easy to operate, is that we buy a Bluetooth headset is a very awesome choice. Whether it is sound quality, control or battery life can be satisfactory, the use of daily commute is a good choice. This headset also solves the trouble of listening to headphones while listening to music while charging, after removing the headphone jack.