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Mini Bluetooth headset, easy to hold various occasions

For the office workers in the city, occasionally give yourself a break, or a person's time, quietly put on headphones, listen to songs, watching movies, playing games, relax their own time will not disturb To someone else. Wearing a pocket-sized Bluetooth headset, not at the same time, it can also beats earphones bring you a sense of stereo. Especially the old driver, a comfortable, long life, good sound Bluetooth headset is essential. The Bluetooth headset is the most concerned about the hidden headphones, its small size, simple operation for a variety of occasions. Whether it is a car to pick up the phone, a large meeting to record things, or sports enthusiasts outdoor riding when used to listen to songs, are very convenient. Bluetooth simple fashion, according to the design of the human body against the cochlea, exquisite small, wearing a perfect beats by dre cheap fit with the ears, the hidden effect is very good. Gradually smooth arc design, listening to songs when watching the movie, the sound size of a degree, will not cause damage to the ears. Wireless headset, small and cute shape, like the expanded version of rice, 4.35g weight, more lightweight. Easy-to-wear design, perfect fit ear, stable anti-off, comfortable and easy to wear.

Bluetooth headset, slender cylindrical design, very unique. More features is to join the two auxiliary buttons, at any time to adjust the volume size, very cheap beats by dr dre suitable for use when moving. Carefully equipped with silicon wheat, when the movement can also answer the phone to communicate with people. Bluetooth headset high value, high performance. Break through the traditional design, free to connect two devices, a week long standby, low energy consumption. Can be smart dial, compatible with a variety of APP, sound is also very good. Bluetooth headset shape inspired by the broad beans, small and lightweight, suitable for wearing, hiding effect is good. Life function is relatively strong, charging 1 hour call 8 hours, stronger than the average power of the Bluetooth. Independent metal cavity design, separated from the front and rear sonic waves, effectively isolated noise, beautiful to enjoy their own music. Bluetooth headset, small and interesting appearance hidden under the powerful beats headphones function, soft silicone ear cap design, comfortable to wear, hidden effect is also good. Ear-style polyphony function, listening to song sound quality, but also reduce noise, easy to hold the major occasions.