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Low-frequency on the headset talk

Low-frequency parties, usually short for those who pursue low-frequency enthusiasts. The low-frequency party is usually the largest compared to "high-frequency parties," "sound field parties," "positioning party." In fact, not only in the headset enthusiasts, the traditional Hi-Fi areas (that is, playing CDs, amplifiers, wire and boxes, etc.) players, the low-frequency parties are usually the largest number. Why is this? Because of powerful low-frequency, such as heavy drums, the kind of boxing to the feeling of the meat, often gives the most intuitive "cool" feeling. Especially in the field of portable audio, from the earliest Walkman all the way to the development of portable audio products, are also constantly strengthening this mindset, that is, bass is good = good sound quality. So, what low-frequency fierce headphones it? In general, we can look at two aspects, one is the headset parameters, the second is the headset brand. Speaking of the parameters of the headset, usually we will think of the sensitivity and impedance. In general, low-frequency headphones are usually low-impedance products. The reason is easy to understand: headphones to be driven well in order to have a better low-frequency performance, low-impedance headphones generally easy to promote, low-frequency performance naturally easier to come. High-impedance headphones require a larger output power, or even the amp to drive, in the case of not good push, low-frequency performance naturally can not talk about.

How to measure the performance of low frequency? Normally, we measure the performance of a headset with both volume and dive. The amount of flu is how much the low frequency. Low-frequency rich music appears heavy and emboldened, if the amount of flu, then the sound will be floating. For enthusiasts, comparing the amount of feeling is actually a very simple matter. On the burn machine, there are many rumors. Some people think that before and after the burn machine there are new differences, while others think that the burn beats by dre machine is only a psychological effect, not much effect. In our opinion, for moving headphone products, there is a certain change in the burning machine. Dynamic headphone products, the factory due to the diaphragm is relatively tight, because the beats by dre studio sound may not be able to let go, and when you burn for a period of time, due to relaxation of the diaphragm, the sound will stretch a lot, some small details can Reproduce better. It's like a new car that needs to fit in for a while to get into shape. However, for moving iron headphones products, due to the different sound principles, burning machine meaning may not be that big. Just like the new car's running-in, the new headset's burn-in machine should follow the "step by step" process. At the beginning of the burning machine, the volume should not be too large, but also do not need to use some low-frequency products to "torment the headset," because it would be easy to make the headset appear "sprout help" situation. At this stage, using FM radio is very suitable. Wait until the headset burn machine for more than 12 hours, this time the diaphragm has just laxity than the factory just a lot, then you can try to use a larger volume, and some low-frequency rich music to beats by dre make the headset faster into the state. This process for more than 12 hours, basically the sound quality of headphones will be stereotypes, and continue to burn less meaningful. Of course, if you do not need to be so eager to get your headset into working condition, in fact, do not have to waste time to burn the machine, listen to 1-2 hours a day normal, half a month later the beats by dre studio headset should be able to enter working condition. In this process, some earphones will make you feel obvious changes in sound quality