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How to use audio equipment safely

Note: The use beats by dre cheap of the machine conditions: generally in the machine's operating instructions will be listed in the use of the machine conditions, such as: 1. Ambient temperature: -10 - +40 2. Relative humidity: 50% - 80% 3 . Power supply voltage: 198V-242V 4. Power frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Specifically, it is required:

1. Avoid using the machine in extremely low or very high temperatures to prevent the sun from directly illuminating the surface of the machine. 2. Avoid using the machine in a humid environment to prevent premature failure of the internal components or premature rust of the machine. 3. Before using, make sure that the local power supply voltage matches the unit. two. Note the use of the machine environment: 1. Avoid dust and vibration in the use of the environment. 2. There should be enough space around the machine to facilitate the heat dissipation of the machine. 3. For power amplifiers, special attention should be paid to keeping the cooling channels open. three. Note the use of the machine: 1. In the sound system, should pay attention to the boot, shutdown order. Boot, you should first open the source and other pre-equipment, and then open the beats by dre studio power amplifier; shutdown, you should first turn off the power amplifier, and then off the source and other pre-equipment. Audio equipment if the volume knob, boot, shutdown, it is best to turn off the volume knob to a minimum. The purpose of doing so is to reduce the boot, shutdown on the impact of the speaker. 2. Do not pull the plug, plug the signal plug. So as to avoid the impact beats earbuds of the resulting damage to the machine or speakers. 3. If the machine is working in the process of abnormal sound, should immediately turn off the power, stop using. And please have qualified qualified maintenance personnel maintenance. Do not open the machine yourself, so as not to cause the machine to suffer greater damage or cause electric shock. Note the maintenance of the machine: 1. Do not use volatile solutions to clean the machine, such as gasoline, alcohol and other wipe the surface of the machine, dust to use a soft cloth. And clean the machine shell when you first unplug the power. 2. The machine is generally not waterproof, if wet water, use dry cloth to dry water, until the water dry, to boot work. 3. Do not place heavy objects on the machine to prevent the machine from beats by dre wireless deforming. Fives. Safe use of the machine: 1. Do not wet the hand pull, plug the power plug, so as not to electric shock. 2. When not in use for long periods of time, unplug the power plug from the power outlet. 3. Do not let iron needles, hairpins, coins and other metal conductive material fell into the machine, so as not to damage the machine. 4. Replace the machine fuse, should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of replacement, prohibit the use of substandard substitutes. 5. When the machine is in use, the chassis ground should be safely grounded. 6. The machine is strictly prohibited in the case of overload or short circuit. 7. Generally in the civilian power amplifier on the backplane has an auxiliary power outlet, do not connect it through hair dryer, electric irons and other electrical appliances, it can only be used to connect audio equipment. 8. In the constant voltage power amplifier, the output will have a higher output voltage, and the output terminals are generally longer lead, so in the use of the output must ensure that the lead wire is safe and reliable. six. Note the protection of the power cord: 1. Care should be taken to prevent the power cord from being trampled and squeezed by heavy objects. 2. Do not pull, insert a powerful twisted power cord. 3. When removing the plug from the socket, grasp the plug and pull it out. In short, the modern audio equipment is a high-tech products, be sure to carefully maintenance, safe use, the correct operation. To get the beauty of the enjoyment, and to avoid accidental losses.