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How to recognize speakers high school bass speaker

We usually watch movies, songs are inseparable from different types of speakers, although the shape may be very different, but the mainstream design is actually a few similar structures. The speaker structure, the unit can be regarded as the most important part. This time to share with you the different speaker unit classification, materials and operation principle, such as early contact with the user can learn more about, in addition to listening to songs, Chung know what they are actually listening to. Active speaker, built-in power supply, amplifier, speaker. Passive speakers, built-in speaker unit, crossover, cable. The bass inside the speaker circuit, is achieved through the divider. Active speakers, according to the capacitance of high-frequency resistance of low-frequency, low-resistance resistance-guided high-frequency principle, often using high-pass filter, low-pass filter to achieve high frequency beats earphones bass. Passive speakers, according to the capacitance of high-frequency resistance of low-frequency, low-frequency induction coil resistance high-frequency principle, the signal has been amplified by the frequency. Large caliber speakers are bass speakers, small caliber speakers. The coil is connected in series with the woofer in parallel with the two ends of the tweeter. The capacitor is connected in series with beats by dre studio the tweeter in parallel with the woofer, so as to realize the crossover of high and low frequency current.

There are many types of speaker design, the simplest is a unit that is responsible for all sound effects, which is what we usually say full-range speakers, more common in ultra-small speakers, Bluetooth speakers. The songs, watching the theater speaker is generally at least two sub-tone design, the speaker has two units in front of, respectively, tweeter and bass unit aloud. Most bookshelf speakers in the market are using this design, although part of the ground speakers are two points, but will be equipped with two or more bass unit. Of course, the three-way split, equipped with high, medium and woofer unit design speakers are also more common. The basic operation is that due to the current signal driven by the megaphone, the crossover is first used to distribute the high, medium and low frequency signals to the corresponding high, medium and low frequency units and then mix into the music and sound we hear . Among the many unit designs, moving coil type is the most common one, high, medium and bass units are commonly used. As we all know, the principle of moving earphone is almost the same. When the amplifier drives the current corresponding to the music signal, it moves forward and backward with different amplitudes and frequencies under the force of the magnet when flowing through the coil in the unit. Current coil will drive the voice coil and the diaphragm attached to the vibration, promote the air particles to sound. Magnets, voice coil wires, diaphragms and even overhangs can vary in material, and even after many years of development they have been varied, but their purpose is almost the same - to accurately reproduce the original sound of the music. Currently common tweeter materials mainly titanium film, silk screen, pv film, etc., in the multimedia speaker pv film and silk dome treble mostly, and generally considered the latter out of the treble is better than the former. Bass unit currently used for the manufacture of bass speaker materials are mainly cone, ceramic basin, bulletproof cloth, wool basin, polypropylene and so on. The tweeter is usually located on the top of the speaker unit, part of the super-seat speaker, have the opportunity to put the tweeter in the middle position. This positioning is mainly due to the low diffusivity of high-frequency sound waves, a slight deviation from the orientation of the unit will be badly decayed, it is usually designed to close to the position of ear level. The most commonly used tweeter dome-type treble, from the working principle also belong to the electric unit. Dome treble diaphragm can be made of metal materials (such as aluminum, titanium, beryllium, etc.), known as the hard dome, can also be made of soft fabrics (such as silk, chemical fiber), known as the soft dome, usually hardball The top of the high-frequency response is better, while the soft dome sound softer. In recent years, the tape tweeter and electrostatic treble have also been some applications, their common advantage is that the diaphragm is particularly light, so high-frequency response is excellent, slender and transparent sound, but the production of these two treble, such as the dome treble so easy, Application is not popular. There is also a horn treble, driven by the dome-shaped part of a trumpet-shaped horn composition, which is characterized by strong voice-oriented, but also high efficiency, and thus in the field of professional speaker sound amplification is very common. There is also a coaxial unit, which is actually a combination of bass and treble units.

Speaker unit is more interesting point is that the relative work in the mid-range tone is the voice of the main part of the speaker. The midrange range is a major part of the human ear's ability to receive voice messages, and most of the voice content that can be resolved is emitted by midrange speakers. It is characterized by moderate vibration velocity, but the vibration amplitude is relatively large. Because of the main voice content, so the caliber is relatively large. Speaker diaphragm material generally use light fiber paper or fiber non-woven fabric to reduce weight, at a suitable speed to withstand relatively large air pressure. If the midrange speaker does not sound, basically the sound audio content lost the vast majority, the sound will be small and can not hear the content. High, medium and woofer units correspond exactly to the high, medium and low positions beats headphones of the speakers, including most of the instruments such as piano and guitar, and most importantly, the majority of the human voice falls in this band. Therefore, the human ear is most sensitive to the tenor, once there is little distortion, changing sound, are so easy to feel. Alto unit mostly cone-shaped design. Not all speakers have an independent midrange unit, most of the bookshelf speaker output by the middle and low frequency bass at the same time, and the satellite speaker is much better than only one full-frequency unit. Central speaker in the home theater, although the main person in charge of sound, but may not necessarily have an independent tenor unit.

Low frequency is particularly important for the film, it is important to separate a bass unit into a subwoofer alone. Working in a very low pitch range, but also the largest power-sustaining horn. Bass is the largest part of the air vibration, tactile sense of air can be more obvious to the vibration. Therefore, its characteristic is that there is enough vibration amplitude to promote the air to produce high field pressure (also called sound pressure). Due to the vibration amplitude is too large, the diaphragm is generally light and high strength fiber by a combination of multi-level, to ensure the lightweight and rigid requirements. Bass sense of direction is very weak, human ear is difficult to distinguish the direction of sound, so the independent bass speaker placement generally do not require. However, because of the strong enough field pressure, the bass can give people a sense of movement. If the woofer does not sound, the sound sounds like an old record player and a small radio. The bass drum sounds like a knock on the table, and the sound is not full. The ordinary three-way subwoofer which, and often with the bass unit "supporting" is bass reflex hole, you can increase the efficiency of the woofer, so that the bass output stronger. Bass reflex holes are often placed behind the speaker, but there will be front design, so that the speaker can be placed against the wall, it will not affect the performance of low-frequency. Part of the speaker design, bass reflex holes will be located in the front, the speaker can be placed slightly closer to the wall will not affect the bass sound.