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How to choose rookie sound!

As people's life continues to increase, people's quality of life will also increase. Audio industry in this environment, is gradually moving into the mainstream consumer market. As a sound, an important part of the sound, the audio purchase, has a very important significance. How to buy a good sound, but also consumers need to understand the common sense of knowledge. For the initial understanding of sound, can be used "view beats by dre on sale , knock, recognize" steps to identify: a view of technology, two weight, three knock box, four recognition plate. From the view of the process is a sound impression appearance to judge the quality of the pros and cons: Seiko build with natural wood sound better, of course, but the higher cost is often not the mainstream recommendation. Common are based on sound MDF MDF surface to apply a thin layer of veneer for decoration: Seiko exterior veneer really apply sound, especially as rosewood, birds eye, pear, walnut, Zhen Nan, red oak, etc. Rare veneer, the natural wood grain excellent visual effects, feel smooth and comfortable.

Most good sound is 18 ~ 25mm particles of MDF boards to create good, high-quality sound is based Flagship overweight or multilayer composite wood veneer rosewood, yellow grapefruit and the like to build, so the weight is staggering. Fake and shoddy products more use of poor quality rubber sheet, so the weight is generally lighter. Knocking knuckles around, up and down baffle box, each box face are real but minor issue Shen Cui Xiang, feel hard texture of thick sheet metal, internal support multiple root ribs, box reasonable structure, strong, how Sound insulation and anti-standing wave measures and other effects. The kind of box processing high cost, difficult, so there are few fake and shoddy products. Such as the use of knuckles hit the box issued a "pop, pop" soundless, indicating the plate is too thin, the material quality is poor, the structure is unreasonable. And there is no internal sound-absorbing materials or ribs to maintain, resulting in a large number of diffuse reflection and standing wave box. Buy this sound, it is impossible to get a good replay effect. Mentioned above, the finished audio are generally affixed behind a technical indicator sign: the content is nothing more than the speaker's frequency range, sensitivity, load power and impedance of several. Which sensitivity is the most important indicator of the speaker, to a large extent determine the box should be equipped with what kind of amplifier, how much power to push and so on. Another important indicator is beats solo the frequency range. The better the low-frequency response of the audio: 20KHz means the high-frequency extension that the audio can reach. The higher the number, the better the audio performance. Some audio does not indicate the indicator, the frequency range will become very wide. After taking into account part of the eye, the following to enter the ear part of the audition. First, listen to the characteristics. In general, good sound will have its own special beats solo sound features second, listen to the details. Good sound, but good sound quality, not in the external atmosphere of the sound show, but in its details on the sound processing. Third, good sound resistance must be high. Many audio listening, listening will make listeners happy, clean sound, good texture, but this does not necessarily mean that it is good sound. In the following period, perhaps the listener will find that its voice gradually loses its original color and becomes dry and uninteresting.