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High-fidelity speaker: analysis of electrostatic film technology

Since the sound can be recorded and played back, people's pursuit of true reduction of sound has not ceased. In terms of pickup, common microphones have moving coils, capacitors, and ribbons. Active/passive pickups and piezoelectric pickups are also used on the instruments. Storage media range from resins (vinyl) that record analog signals, magnetic tapes, to optical disks that record digital signals, hard disks, and so on. For recording music, these two links are in the hands of music creators and producers. They select suitable equipment and sound collection methods to record music based on professional experience and judgment, and produce finished products for distribution. Then consumers can only pursue the true reduction from the sound playback link.

The amp plays an important role in the amplification of the signal and has been enthusiastic for the players. Electron tubes, transistors, triodes and various amplifier circuits, the inside of the circuit's capacitors, resistors, and even the wires each have different flavors in the ears of enthusiasts, and even the pin materials of the supporting amplifiers are all exquisite. In the last session, the playing methods of the speakers are relatively monotonous. Except for the difference between moving coils and moving iron sounders in the small speaker headphones, the speakers in the market have always been dominated by the speakers, which are magnets, coils, and paper trays. . The electrostatic film speaker has cheap beats by dr dre the following advantages beats by dre over traditional paper tray speakers:

Can be liberated from the box, reducing the loss of vibration energy transmitted to the box;

The traditional speaker paper tray is driven by the magnetic induction of the coil. The quality of the paper tray and the coil itself will accumulate potential energy in beats earphones the vibration and slow down the vibration reaction speed. The electrostatic film is very light and therefore has a more responsive frequency.

Due to electromagnetic induction, the vibrating coils in turn generate potentials that interfere with the electrical signals. beats by dre wireless Static film does not have this problem.

Electrostatic thin films generally perform better at mid to high frequencies, and it is claimed that the distortion rate of electrostatic films can be controlled below 0.5%, while moving coil speakers are generally between 2 and 5%. Of course, electrostatic film also has its limitations, that is relatively weak low-frequency performance and amplitude can not be too large. Therefore, the electrostatic film speaker is more suitable for listening to classical, jazz, soundtrack, vocals and other music.