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HiFi sound quality analysis: finally seeing theism, metaphysics

In recent years, more and more people have toss HiFi, and the discussion on sound quality is endless. According to the author's experience, compared with other consumer electronics products, the absolute number of theology in the HiFi field is one of the best, which has a lot to do with the fact that the sound quality is inherently "Metaphysics." From the moment when the HiFi industry was born, "Metaphysics" will follow suit. How to evaluate the quality of a product? There is a lot of people talking about it, and often it is only the plausible fuzzy standard of "treble sweet, midrange, bass". Not only that, the HiFi player's use of means to improve the sound quality looked rather ridiculous, so that it was finally ridiculed, "The warm tone of the thermal power, cold water and electricity, nuclear power has electronic taste". These phenomena are much less common in other consumer electronics products. For example, to evaluate the picture quality of certain displays and TV sets, although there are also subjective opinions, the composition of metaphysics can be far from the sound quality.

Why does content often become "mysterious" when it comes to sound quality? Let's talk about the reasons together today. Sound quality is difficult to quantify: No one knows how good the sound quality of test software is. Measuring sound quality is not without specific parameters, but it is beats by dr dre less well-known than the objective parameters of sound quality, such as measuring CPU performance, measuring GPU performance, and measuring screen display quality. Even enthusiasts, few people can know the parameters such as total harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, separation, frequency response curve and so on. On the other hand, even if these objective parameters for measuring sound quality are set, most people do not know what they really mean, nor do they know how to judge sound quality from these objective parameters. Not only that, these objective parameters actually have limited reference significance. For example, the total harmonic distortion, from the perspective of fidelity, of course, the lower the better, but the same distortion value, due to the different frequency bands of distortion, can be different to a sense of hearing difference; and for example, the frequency response curve, even though it is It is important, but according to the characteristics of the sounding unit, it is necessary to adjust the curve to create a more natural sound field. Therefore, the evaluation of sound quality is good or bad, more depends on subjective sense of hearing, as long as the objective parameters do not deteriorate to the extent of the pit father (for example, beats by dre studio the degree of separation is not 70%), then the reference value is not great. In addition to this, the tools for testing the objective parameters of sound quality are rare and are not easily grasped by people. The simplest method may be to use sound card beats earbuds and RMAA software to test parameters, but to test the sound quality more rigorously, a professional AP is indispensable, and it may be necessary to specially arrange an audio lab. In contrast, the CPU test only needs to run the sub-software and simply run it. The red spider and other color correction instruments needed for the screen quality are much more tossing than the audio testing tools. Moreover, with the tools to test the sound quality, most people do not understand the correct test methods, such as the data measured with no load. Under various factors, most people's evaluation of the sound quality is often not controlled by a certain standard system. The public said that the public and law-abiding women are reasonable and that some people say that the highest level of fever is burning literature. Auditory sensory ambiguity: Does the same audio file sound different in the morning and evening? Compared with the visual sense, the auditory senses are more ambiguous and easier to change over time. To compare the colors of the screen, the eyes can easily be separated. However, this does not mean that people's senses are precisely accurate. I believe that many people have played mental games of visual illusion, such as distinguishing between the same gray in the black and white background which is brighter and darker. Vision is still easily affected by the environment, let alone hearing? Under the influence of some psychological hints, such as audio files of the beats by dre cheap same specifications, there is a gold label certification on one of them, and your evaluation of sound quality may be very different.

In short, because of the limitations of objective test data for sound quality, the limited experience of most players, the difficulty in practice, and the fact that some people do not understand the principles of electroacoustics, the opinions on sound quality are often biased and difficult to verify. It will be full of metaphysics. This also gives businesses a chance, anyway, the sound quality of this thing so mysterious, very few people are often swear by the public, through the media to create some "artifacts", you can easily earn fullness. So how do gamers jump out of the "Metaphysics" circle? Off-hearing is dark, more listening is clear. On the one hand, we must understand some basic electro-acoustic knowledge. On the other hand, we must practice more. If there is no condition, then simply do not play. We must know that the actual cost of many equipment is terribly low. Although there are valuable things that are valuable, but there are also shoddy goods, you can bear to be beaten? In the end, it is still hoped that the consumer circles related to sound quality can become more rational and healthy.