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Ear plug earphone plug how to choose

Plug, this is not an eye-catcher in earplugs and headphones, but what can never be beats by dre wireless absent sometimes becomes the culprit influencing your voice. Do you know? Faced with all kinds of plug products how to choose it?

First analyze the situation where the user will buy the beats by dre studio plug: First, the plug of the ear plug or earphone is broken and needs to be replaced. Second, the size conversion plug needed when plugging in different devices.

First, change the plug for maintenance

Whether the plug is broken or the plug is broken, you have to change the plug, and usually there are two situations, or you are ready to plug to allow maintenance personnel to replace it, or else buy it directly at the maintenance beats by dre office. But how to choose? After listening to many models of plugs, the sound is indeed very different, so this time the beats earphones choice should be more cautious, first of all to see if the insert part of the plug work is good, test on the device when the plug feel, can not be too loose, contact Not good will increase the resistance, degrade the sound quality, too tight and easy to pull bad, affecting life. Again, look at the part of the welding wire, whether it is smooth, whether the workmanship and the material are of good texture, the sound of the joint of the good material is excellent, and the inferior quality effect is very poor. To make a more specific example, if you use 100% of the details you hear, the poor head may only hear 50 to 60 points. The difference among them is to think about it. Finally, after determining that there is no problem with workmanship and materials, the overall quality is guaranteed as long as the economic conditions permit the head of the brand to be as far as possible.

Second, adapter selection

The various heads of the transfer, the brand is not a lot, most of them are domestically produced bargains, but there are also grades, attention to the purchase of the reference above the first two points, and give priority to the gold-plated connector, the signal loss is smaller , But don't believe that gold-plated heads, crude gold-plated heads are more common than non-gold-plated sounds, and the key issues are the contact materials and processes.

Various connectors on the headset are the direct links that cause sound degradation. Just like doing subtraction, although a good plug can't make the sound quality of the headphones go up one step, the poor quality of the plug will make the sound of the headphones drop down by three levels. So we can't ignore it.