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Dynamic headphones good? Or moving iron headphones good?

When we choose headphones, we will hear a lot of proper nouns, not the people in this line, can be said to be interlaced as every other mountain, the more common is the moving coil and moving iron headphones, when we choose the headset, which one Do not understand, IT buyers give you a slow analysis. Nowadays most of the earphones in the market are dynamic earphones, and the principle is very similar to that of a normal loudspeaker. The coils and the diaphragm in the permanent magnetic field are connected together, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of the signal current. The main advantage is the level of the two frequency overtones are moving iron can not do, the main beats by dre cheap bass effect, suitable for listening to popular or rock songs. The structure of the moving iron unit is almost airtight container, it only needs a small current to drive it, so its sensitivity is very high, resolution is very strong, can show more details of the sound, so it will play a richer sound Very good voice.

Know the dynamic headphones and moving iron headphones principles and differences, we talk about the dynamic headphones, or moving iron headphones is much simpler, in fact, have their own advantages, in general, the details of the iron headphones will be more rich , While dynamic headphones bass effect is very shocking. Usually like to listen to light music friends, should choose a high sensitivity headphones, that is, to choose a moving iron headphones, can be more minor details of the sound reflected, otherwise, the sound sounds dry feeling , Is not the taste of the original sound at all. It is a dual-ring and moving iron combination headphones, just to meet our requirements of the details of the sound reflected, while the bass is also very shocking. Now is a K song era, it can be said that all karaoke, and even our parents also holding a cell phone to play K song, K song should be selected with a cheap beats by dr dre microphone headset. Its headphone comes with a high-definition microphone that meets the needs of our K songs and is also designed for our young female friends. It is dynamic ring headphones, it is suitable for popular songs and rock music, daily K song effect is no beats earphones problem.

In fact, good headphone sound, headphone advantage will be greater, because dynamic theory, the headset has more advantages. It is a portable headset, using Bluetooth connection, wireless connection is also free from the shackles of cable, battery life is also very strong, full, with a few hours no problem. i Although it is a dynamic loop headphones, it combines unique acoustic processing technology, but also can show high resolution, can restore the original sound more real, while wearing very comfortable, the overall more are made of soft material, so that It can beats by dre be more comfortable fit our head and ears, sound insulation is very good, but also with high-quality microphones, usually no problem K songs.