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DIY headphones early start burning experience

In the world of headphones, there is a very "advanced" gameplay - manual DIY. Enthusiasts rely on their expertise and long-term accumulated experience, the selection of the most suitable cavity, the drive unit, wire beats by dre wireless and other parts to assemble the headset from the ear, after a long period of careful research and development and eventually create a 1 +1> 2 Sound effect. This play is relatively free, you can adjust your favorite music style, for your own unique headset. Compared to those big-name headphones, their visibility is almost negligible, but because they can be adjusted according to the most intuitive user needs, and some also support their own replacement wire, so have more room to play. Sound quality does not blow is not black, although not to mention spike thousands of big big headphones, but with the same price compared to the headset not too obvious advantages, not only more in line with your habits, more importantly, cost-effective, not Worried about "playing headphones poor three generations." By tuning really did the "male warm female drug" texture. But instead of raising the vocals by weakening the accompaniment, it does both, and the rhythm is equally strong. Can also be beats by dre on sale customized according to their own needs exclusive style, before using a suitable pot to burn machine is also very important beats by dre on sale Oh. Shape is quite dazzling, metal shell and earplugs combined with the shape cheap beats headphones of bullet, looks cool and stylish. Cool silver shiny stylish and full of style, wearing it out of the city forced full.

Has a balanced triple-frequency performance, the music, vocals details and dynamic changes perfect restore, give you high-fidelity HIFI effect, ideal for junior enthusiasts. With wheat version also supports remote control, compatible with mainstream mobile devices to help you free your hands to achieve free calls. Shell made of more rounded compact, very suitable for wearing when sleeping, even if the side will not sleep ear ear ache. Equipped with a variety of earplugs to choose from, bullet earplugs more easily into the ear, round head soft earplugs are more flexible to meet different needs. First of all, to ensure high-fidelity HIFI sound quality, the use of coaxial dual-unit structure, high-resolution so that the sound very layered, sub-minute ears to pregnancy. Specially tailored deployment of silver and conductor metal hybrid wire, can effectively avoid the loss of sound quality in the transmission process, but also tougher and more durable, difficult to entangle together. Headphone shell is made by die-casting, so the sound is solid. Precision CNC machining technology, to create a clear and delicate texture, highlighting the extraordinary quality. Can be used with sports ear hooks, so dynamic music lit sports passion.