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Audio Maintenance Method Guide Home Audio Equipment Usage and Maintenance Methods

1. New use of wireless microphones

Most of the commercially available wireless FM mics are only used for amplification through FM radios. In fact, wireless microphones can also be used for singing. In order to prevent howling, be sure to disconnect the speakers, insert the headphones, and listen at the same time. The singers face the wireless microphones, and the instruments are arranged in an orderly and orderly manner, so that the recorded cassettes are of better quality, clearer and more hierarchical than those recorded in the internal microphones.

2. Recorder for memory "enhancer"

In addition to recording and playing sound, the recorder can also be used as a simple memory enhancer for learning foreign languages ??or memorizing texts. Almost all model recorders only need a pair of headphones. Put the recorder in the "record" state and plug in the headphones to listen. Then speak into the microphone inside the headset. You can clearly hear your voice in the headset to enhance the memory. As the recording button is pressed, the recorder's motor is also turning, which consumes power and increases wear and noise. Plug the recorder's microphone recording remote control jack with a 2.5mm diameter 2-pin plug (do not wire) to disconnect the motor. Or before pressing the record button, put your hand into the tape cartridge, gently press the anti-erase probe, and then press the record button to work, so that the recording head will not wear out. After use, the recording key should be restored in time.

3. Tape wheel improvements

Some audio tapes are of poor quality. After a certain period of time, the tape inside the tape cassette may be dragged by friction due to friction, or some of the tape may become contaminated due to dampness, which may slow down the speed and affect the quality of playback. The improved method is simple. Open the cassette and see two fixed pulleys and two plastic posts on the outside. Find a used thick ballpoint pen cartridge, cut two small tubes with the height of the plastic column, and put it on the plastic column of the tape cartridge. This adds two fixed pulleys, which can greatly reduce the resistance of the tape. After the modification, the playback effect has improved significantly.

4. Prevent tape stress

Some music tapes, which were already very pleasant to listen to, were released after a period of time, but there was a mixed sound. There are two reasons for tape stress: First, after beats by dre on sale long-term storage, the magnetic position between magnetic tapes is induced before and after each other; second, the magnetic head and the rubber roller are not cleaned with the washing liquid for a long time, and the worn magnetic particles adhere to the magnetic tape. Therefore, in addition to frequently scrubbing the magnetic heads, attention should also be paid to the "four nots" and "two shoulds" in the tape storage: do not put them upside down to prevent the bottom layer of the tape from squeezing tightly; do not get close to heat sources such as stoves, light bulbs, radiators, etc.; Do not get close to volatile liquids such as alcohol, gasoline, etc.; do not get close to moving magnetic motors such as motors, radios, and speakers. Normally, the tape should be placed horizontally in a cool, dry place; at regular intervals, the tape should be quickly reloaded or rewinded.

5. Wrinkle tape recovery method

When the recorder is entrained, the tape will appear folded, wrinkled, and even cluttered. At this time, cheap beats by dre you can put a cup of boiling water on top of the broken tape and move the cup back and forth. After several times, the tape will become soft and the marks of folds and wrinkles will become smooth and smooth.

6. Rubber erase head smear

The dirt on the recorder's head will make the sound quality noisy, the volume will be light, and the recording will be severe. After cleaning the head with a head cleaner, alcohol, or a cleaning tape, rust-like magnetic particles are often left on the mirror surface of the head and are not easily removed. At this time, you can wipe with a rubber eraser, and then wipe it again with a cleaning agent, the recording and playback sound quality will be significantly improved.

7. Usage of washing machine timer on tape recorder

If you connect the timer of the washing machine with the plug of the recorder (without the timer), the recorder can automatically power off periodically.

8. Horn repair

In home audio equipment, the size of the loudspeaker chassis is broken, which can make the sound quality distorted. In this regard, you can find a thin piece of white paper (cut to slightly larger than the hole), glue it to the hole of the horn, and then drop a few drops of candle oil around the white paper, use the electric iron to wax the flat. After drying out, you can continue to use it.

9. Eliminate radio noise

At the moment of turning on the radio switch and adjusting the volume, the radio sometimes emits a "click, click" sound. At this time, you can first disassemble the potentiometer, use a soft lead pencil (B type is appropriate) evenly coated on the wear marks on the ring resistance film, then add 1 drop beats by dre on sale of sewing machine oil or other lubricating oil, then rotate beats by dre studio a few The lower knob can be installed.

10. Self-repair adhesives for electrical enclosures

The broken colored water pen pens, dissolved in chloroform, can be made into plastics of various colors, used to glue damaged plastic shells of radio shells, TV shells and other household appliances.