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Audio beats by dr dre interfaces of all kinds, beats headphones do you really get it?

For the audio interface, most of the tails are still only aware of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and looking at some players or other interface provided on the desktop device feel inexplicable headache it? In fact, some audio interfaces have their own unique features and functions, and only when we really understand it, can we play more tricks on audio devices. This time, I will brief you on several common audio interfaces, I believe after reading a lot of audio devices on the interface will have a new understanding. First of all, to introduce the most common TRS interface, which is the kind of cylindrical plug we saw in daily life, according to the size of the plug can be divided into 6.35mm, 4.4mm, 3.5mm and 2.5mm Four, for most people, 3.5mm TRS interface should be the most commonly used, that is, the vast majority of headphone jack size, and 6.35mm interface more common in desktop or high-end equipment, 4.4mm and 2.5mm The size is currently mainly used for balanced interface, the former is the definition of Sony's balance port specifications, the latter definition of AK balance port specifications. For the common 3.5mm plug, you can find the metal plug is cut into three segments by two pieces of insulating material, corresponding to the left channel, right channel and ground. If you can see the plug is cut off by the insulating material The four segments, then there are two possibilities, one is the part of the language signal is added, that is, beats by dre wireless the microphone; the second is the connector for the balance, four were left channel, right channel, left ground and right ground , So that left and right channels separately ground, improve the sound separation. Then talk about RCA interface, the interface we can often see in the speakers, TVs and other equipment, commonly known as "Lotus head." The RCA terminal uses a coaxial transmission of signals. The center shaft can be used to transmit signals. The outer contact layer is used for grounding. Because one RCA terminal can only transmit one-channel audio signal, the 2.0A speaker , Left and right channel audio signals need to be transmitted separately, but also allows us to often see the existence of double RCA interface.

Optical interface may be familiar with many tail interface, and its principle is the use of light from the optical media into the optical thinning medium so as to have total reflection, so the transmission speed is more dominant. The type of optical interface is divided into FC, SC, ST, SC and so on a variety of, our common is the square mouth SC connector. XLR interface, commonly known as "Kainong mouth", the pin of the terminal in the basic 3-pin, common in some desktop power amplifier equipment or high-end headphones, you can transmit a balanced signal. In addition to these audio interfaces described above, there are a lot of professional equipment used in the interface specifications, do not go here one by one, although most of us usually only come into contact with the TRS interface, but if there is a real need to buy high-end desktop Equipment, I believe that looking at the back of the dense interface, you will not feel guilty of course, of course, there is a very important point, that is, wiring may wish to read more equipment read the instructions, to avoid mistakes Oh!