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Audio amplifier wiring diagram amplifier and speaker wiring

Now people are busy with work and fast paced life, causing great invisible pressure on the body and mind. If we reach a weekend or a friend beats solo meeting, we will go to KTV to practice our throat singing after a gossip. In fact, some families in the past have purchased the family amplifier and sound, a little moving hands, you can also bring up a good effect, at home k song a Oh. First of all look at the back of the amplifier and audio, audio line is complete; if not, we must first buy a hardware store, not too long, otherwise it will be disc up on the back. Audio cable connection is easy, find a pliers or scissors can also be the first out of the audio cable stripping the outer surface of the rubber layer, exposing the inside of the copper wire, are generally two colors: brass and silver.

Dial a good skin, the copper wire slightly twisted a few times by hand so that the harder the hardness of the wire, and then see the amplifier behind the red and black terminal, brass connected to the red column; silver connected to the black column.

The other end of the audio cable is also connected to the rear of the audio, some audio is the terminal type, and some more cheap beats by dre convenient, is the snap-type, press the snap with your fingers, the line stabbed in, and then let go, the line was snap clip Live, very strong.

Two sound, then, respectively, the line connected to the left and right sides, that is, the left and right each take a line.

Amplifier and audio connection is good, we must enter the sound source to the amplifier, the sound source in the general case of a DVD player can, if allowed, you can use a laptop, etc., more flexible. The connection cable needs to use two audio cables with both ends of the lotus head. After the DVD, the L and R channels inserted under the OUTPUT output the sound signal, and the amplifier is also inserted on the L and R, but note that it is under the beats earbuds INPUT input. This sound will be output beats headphones cheap from the DVD to the amplifier, and then output from the amplifier to the sound.

Now you can turn on the DVD and amp, you should be able to hear the sound. The following is a button on the front panel amplifier shows, we can find a small flathead screwdriver, plug in the microphone, slowly adjust the knob while speaking, until the sound for your own voice, comfortable listening to their ok. After adjustment, find a favorite song, enjoy the feeling of K song at home!