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All for the sound quality buy HiFi headphones to please ears

High-end headphones are usually the object of enthusiasts dreaming, however, when upgrading equipment, but often because of funding temporarily not enough to choose a bit cheap beats low-grade equipment. However, this is only an expedient measure. In the end, it will sooner or later buy the equipment they fancy, only to wait for a while. However, in beats headphones on sale addition to the flagship headphones, in fact, there are a large number of high-end headphones worth buying. Such headphones have no beats headphones cheap compromise on the sound quality, HiFi level can also provide beats by dre studio users with the same level of enjoyment, and the price is usually cheaper than the flagship headset a lot, will not cause burned friends overburdened financial burden. Removable wire design, make the headset more playable. Earphone earplugs are also well-designed earplugs have pits inside the design, the official explanation of this design can restore a more pure sound.

The performance of transparency is better, the performance of medium and high frequency is more and more density, sound balance is positive, and in the low frequency part still retains excellent flexibility and dive, sense of volume in the sense of perimeter has also been well preserved. In addition, for the vocal, classical, rock and other types of tracks, for the appearance of the earplugs, the first three units to change the style, using a new design and new mold. The new four-cell cavity looks more like the aircraft's engine feel. The use of oxygen-free copper wire material, the appearance of the use of red and black color and red wire winding design looks more like the traditional HiFi wire twisted texture.